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Legal Document Tips

Keep your documents current

Please review your current legal documents, Many things can change in your daily life and render documents done in the past, worthless and even detrimental under new facts that have come to exist in your family or business.  Call 334-618-0112 for a check up of your documents.

coming events may change your needs for legal documents

Having a baby, getting married, or a divorce, or death , or other event? Be sure to Review your old records to cover everybody and that all affected family members  knows how it may affect them.

call 334-618-5614  office

Are your documents recorded

Are your documents secure at the Court House or in a truly secure Fire proof vault?not on social media? Share great stories  but NEVER  private information. REMEMBER THAT CRIMINALS SWEEP THE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR YOUR INFORMATION!!!

The small cost to Notarize your documents is well worth it.

Be sure  your legal documents are safe, accurate and enforceable.  Get them notarized.


Share the big news to those you can TRUST.

Have you a created a new document?  Don't keep it to yourself, let trusted kinfolks know the location and be sure someone has access at your death or disability..

Display FACTS to your trusted persons. give them a copy.

Kin have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody your absence or death..